Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Internet Marketing, The Sh**head Edition

Why is it that companies/independent entrepreneurs can only muster forum posts and blog comments that if not blatantly spam, smell like and look like it?  Like when someone posts a reply to your blog, but it actually has absolutely nothing to do with the original post.  Here's a tip, a hint of sincerity goes a long way, and if you actually had anything truly insightful to say, people would back-track to your blog or business venture.
I love seeing the posts on Linked in and the like where the discussion topic is "Hire me....blah, blah".  Here is a two part question:  what part of that actually constitutes a discussion and second, why should they hire you?  Apparently you have nothing to contribute to the group you belong to, what does that say about your abilities to contribute to that prospective employer that your poorly marketing to/spamming?
There is no formula to making it in business and especially not in this creative field, but I can note one truism, the people who have made it worked hard and have done so sincerely.  Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studios, pioneer of the global phenomenon of subway sketching, has said, "...the best things have come from the things that I wanted to do, not for the money, but just because I wanted to do them."  For my own piece, I'd say that just doing quality work and getting it out to your market are the key ingredients to success.  A little networking never hurt, but all the same, if you cannot generate any interest in your work after taking care of the producing and marketing aspect, you may have to answer some hard, honest questions to yourself.

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