Monday, July 6, 2009

Art Might Just Be in the Blood

A friend recently gave me a trove of digital reference materials, among them were a bunch of painters that I've never heard of. One folder was entitled "Emile Friant", that's funny because my last name is "Friant". So, I open a self-portrait image by this artist, and what do you know, he looks a lot like my family! Wow, I didn't think anyone did anything particularly note-worthy, with the exception of my WWII veteran grandfather, Leon and my biochemist uncle Steve. Below, is Emile, under Emile are my eldest brother and middle brother, Dave and Jeremy and on the left is myself, Ryan of yet, I don't have the completely awful hair-line, but some things are inevitable.
Above are a few of Emile's paintings, he was a strong realist painter, though I may be somewhat partial on the matter! His images show a great use of color, composition and drama.

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